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Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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The SMyS MySpace Script implements the traditional MySpace resource site with a dead-simple config process. You can literally launch your new web site in minutes with this script.

* Easy to install. Launch in minutes
* Every page is Search Engine Optimized
* Easily customize META descriptions, keywords, and titles
* Add new games, cursors, graphics, and layouts easily
* On-the-fly template variables for easy customization
* Sitewide header/footer centralized configuration

This script comes packed with content.

* Contact Form
* Dedicated Bookmark Page
* Backgrounds
* Cursors
* Contact Tables
* Falling Objects
* Glitter Graphics
* Comment Boxes
* Layout Generator
* 19 MySpace Tweaks
* Game Codes / Flash Games
* Hexidecimal color chart
* Hover Codes
* Image Codes
* Marquee Codes
* Character Codes
* Beginner’s Tutorials on HTML & CSS



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