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Myspace Friend Blaster Pro 10.1.5

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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Grasp the power of a site which receives over 1 billion hits per day, to your advantage when marketing your product, service, event, or bands. Marketing with FriendBlasterPro through MySpace accounts is the cutting edge way to advertise to a large audience and being cost effective at the same time.



Myspace Private Picture Viewer

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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Have you ever wanted to sneak into someone’s private Myspace profile and view their comments,pictures, etc.? this is the tool to do this


Myspace Resource Script

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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The SMyS MySpace Script implements the traditional MySpace resource site with a dead-simple config process. You can literally launch your new web site in minutes with this script.

* Easy to install. Launch in minutes
* Every page is Search Engine Optimized
* Easily customize META descriptions, keywords, and titles
* Add new games, cursors, graphics, and layouts easily
* On-the-fly template variables for easy customization
* Sitewide header/footer centralized configuration

This script comes packed with content.

* Contact Form
* Dedicated Bookmark Page
* Backgrounds
* Cursors
* Contact Tables
* Falling Objects
* Glitter Graphics
* Comment Boxes
* Layout Generator
* 19 MySpace Tweaks
* Game Codes / Flash Games
* Hexidecimal color chart
* Hover Codes
* Image Codes
* Marquee Codes
* Character Codes
* Beginner’s Tutorials on HTML & CSS


Myspace Clone

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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the ULTIMATE SCRIPT MySpace Clone. MySpace sold for $500 million and sparked a revolution. Social networking has an unlimited income potential and you can have the very same script that started it all.

MySpace Clone is by far the most advance and best bang for your buck script found anywhere in the internet. We challenge you to find a better deal!

With all the features of MySpace including a full featured administration area we are unsure how long this script will be allowed to be offered. Buy it now before it is removed.

Last Tested Using the following on Oct 24, 2006:
Cent OS 4.2
Apache version 1.3.37
PHP version 4.4.4
MySQL version 4.2




MySpace Friend Blaster Pro v10 + Patch

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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FriendBlasterPro leverages the newest marketing medium for you. MySpace is a social network site where millions of people go to set up accounts about themselves and to interact with others. These members add each other as friends and take part in the many features MySpace has, creating an extremely large social network.

Using this social network to market your products, services, events or bands is an extremely powerful new method of advertising. The process is very easy. You start by creating an account for your product on MySpace. You then send friend requests to other MySpace members, either targeting specific users or sending random invitations. Once you have your own network of friends who are interested in your product, you can send messages directly to them about product information, upcoming events, etc. As your list of friends grows, so does your profits.

FriendBlasterPro handles all of the work for you and includes the following features:

— Target your market based on a members age, sex, geographic location, interests, and more.
— Gather friend(s) id’s from browsing the groups, forums, friend lists, classifieds or any other area of MySpace.
— Gather friend(s) id’s from Google!
— Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market.
— Send message along with Friend Request feature that allows you to send both a message and a Friend Request to the same person.
— Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments to all of your friends.
— Option to remove all pending friend request (this feature is great when you start to have a large list of pending friend request!).
— Create a “Black List” for ID’s you don’t want to send to.
— Timed Bulletins feature that gives you full control of “how many” and “when” to send out Bulletins.
— Accept Friends feature that allows you to accept all pending friend request and also allows you to send out a comment or message along with accepting your new friends.
— Invite all Friends to Current Event Feature.
— Invite all Friends to Current Group Feature.
— Comes with a FriendBlasterPro News Bulletin to keep you up to date with the latest news.
— Free product updates Support and technical assistance.
— NEW! Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together!
— NEW! Set FriendBlasterPro to auto start (with use of Multiple account Feature).
— NEW! Time-delay feature!
— And still much, much more!


Myspace Generators and Widgets, Make your own

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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Myspace Generators and Widgets
On-line created

Profile Clocks
Fortune Cookie Generator
Profile Counter
LED Scrolling Sign
Scrape User Profile
Profile Editor
MySpace Layout Snatcher
Flash Music Player
Auto Comment Generator
Whore Me
Glitter Text Generator
Contact Tables
Falling Objects
Song Code Generator
Video Code Generator
Comment Box
Bulletin Repost Button
Overlapping Text
Nav Bar Generator
Extended Network


MySpace MP3 Plays Profile Views Increaser v1.0.2713.28040

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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MySpace Mp3 Gopher 2.0.91

Posted in SOCIAL NETWORKING by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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This is a standalone executable file. If you look at the screen shots it’s pretty self explanitory. Inset users friend id tag. Retrieve Song list. Double Click the song you want and it will do the rest pretty much.