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VCD Cutter Professional v.4.5

Posted in VIDEO by bombsoft on September 9, 2008
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VCDCutter is Video Player of MPEG and AVI Movies. It plays MPG, VCD, and other video files. There are also many tools for editing and converting your movies. But operation of the program is not as good as supposed to be. In this review both features and some bugs found in VCDCutter are described.

VCDCutter has classical interface of a media player. There is a toolbar with standard buttons to control play mode. Above it, there is a field where movie is played. There is also Main Menu with items File, Edit, View, Play, Tools, Audio, Help further above.

Right to the play mode control buttons, there are buttons to make movies out of separate clips and to save frames from a movie as pictures.

To make movie by joining some video clips the following steps should be performed. First, a part of a movie should be selected using Clip Mark In and Clip Mark Out buttons. Then using Add to Clip List button the selection is added to the Clip List located at the bottom of the window. You can change order of clips in the Clip List by simple drag-and-drop. When the Clip List is organized, by clicking a Make Clips button all the clips from the Clip List are joined to one movie file. Demo-version of VCDCutter joins only first 7 seconds of first two clips. An output file is saved to the Program’s Directory (in Program Files) and has automaticly set name, that is very inconvenient.

An Extract Frame button is dedicated to save curent frame of a played movie as a picture. I tried to use this button for several movies of different formats, and in all cases I got a message saying that VCDCutter executed inadmissable error and will be closed. Thus, apparently the Extract frame feature does not work at all.

According to the Tools menu items, VCDCutter is also supposed to do the following:

First tool is Split movie to M1V (video) and MP3 (audio) files. Well, I tried to apply this tool to two small movies. With one movie VCDCutter just stopped working and did not respond on any actions

The next tool is Join M1V video and MP3 audio files to one movie. Source and output files should be determined before performing the operation. For output file name a File Name Browse dialog appears. When a new name of file is determined and button Open clicked, VCDCutter informs that File was not found. But it is obvious, that there is no such file because I want VCDCutter to create it! The only way is to determine an existing file, and VCDCutter will just simply replace it with new one without any warning messages. The same situation is when Convert AVI to MPG tool is used. Thus, here VCDCutter has a very serious problem.

Ok, let’s check the next tool – Divide MPG To Multi-Small Parts. Well, it seems to work ok, although there is also a demo version limitation: only first 7 seconds of first two parts are saved. The next tools Convert VCD Movie (*.dat) to MPG (video + audio) / M1V (only video) / MP3 (only audio) and Split DVD Movie (*.vob) to M2V / AC3 / MP3 also work well .

Finally, I would like to mention one more inconvenient thing of VCDCutter. The program always stays on top of all opened windows in system, and it really makes normal work with other applications hardly possible.

Summing up, in this review I mentioned almost all features of VCDCutter, and at the same time pointed out many bugs of the program. VCDCutter has many features, and it is easy to work with it thanks to simple interface.